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Highland Tales in the Heart of Borneo book

This book showcases the community’s past, present, and future that are very much intertwined with their natural surroundings in the picturesque highlands of Ba’ Kelalan, Bario, Long Semadoh in Sarawak and Long Pa’ Sia’ in Sabah.

Compiled herein is a collection of stories gathered from the storytellers of these communities. Not only it depicts the stories of old and some of the most distinctive folk’s tale known by these communities, it also documents the pristine environment such as the magnificent mountains and forests.

The ‘Highland Tales in the Heart of Borneo’ books are available in soft and hard covers and sold at WWF-Malaysia, Kuching Office and through FORMADAT committee in Ba’ Kelalan, Bario, Long Semadoh and Long Pa’ Sia’. The book is published by FORMADAT and is available in English and Bahasa Malaysia. All book proceeds go to FORMADAT.

Book Price:

Soft Cover: RM40.00
Hard Cover: RM55.00

You can also find them at the following stores in Kuching:

  • The Ranee Gift Gallery
  • Sarawak Museum merchandise shop & café
  • Jit Collection, Kuching Waterfront Bazaar
  • Indah Café, Kuching Capenter Street
  • Chinahouse @theoldcourthouse
  • Dayak Bidayuh National Association

For more information, visit or email to [email protected] and [email protected]

Formadat Keychain

Contribute to the community by purchasing our limited edition FORMADAT keychain. All keychain proceeds go to FORMADAT. Please do check out our collection, available in eight varieties of colours.